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International Coastal Cleanup (ICC)

Thank you to the volunteers who participated in the International Coastal Cleanup!  Over 3,330 volunteers participated in Palm Beach County collecting over 20,588 lbs of litter! View pictures of these cleanups on FACEBOOK

SOURCES OF DEBRIS Category Total Pct

Dumping Activities   1.84%
Medical/Personal Hygiene   0.51%
Ocean/Waterway Activities   6.94%
Shoreline & Recreational Activities   55.43%
Smoking-Related Activities   35.27%

TOTAL   100.00%

Item Total Items Total Percentage
Cigarettes/Cigarette Filters 14760 30.05%
Caps, Lids 7470 15.21%
Food Wrappers/Containers 3444 7.01%
Bags(Plastic) 3208 6.53%
Straws, Stirrers 2547 5.19%
Cups, Plates, Forks, Knives, Spoons 2419 4.92%
Beverage Bottles (plastic) 2 liters or less 2410 4.91%
Cigar Tips 1412 2.87%
Beverage Cans 1391 2.83%
Glass Beverage Bottles 1235 2.51%

The International Coastal Cleanup (ICC) is the world's largest, one-day volunteer effort to clean up the marine environment. Every September, volunteers from over 100 countries descend on local beaches, rivers, lakes and canals to show their commitment to cleaner waterways.  The Ocean Conservancy, the world's largest organization focusing exclusively on the health of the marine environment, has sponsored this annual event for the past 26 years.

In our state, the ICC is much more than just removing trash. By using detailed, standardized data cards, volunteers gather valuable information about the types and sources of debris found. Analyzed and tracked year by year, this information serves as a powerful tool for educating the public, influencing public policy, and effecting positive behavioral change on the part of individuals, organizations, and communities.

  The collection of this data by cleanup volunteers of all ages and the resulting report prepared by The Ocean Conservancy is used in the following ways:

  • To raise awareness of the quantities and types of marine debris;
  • To determine the various sources of marine debris;
  • To evaluate the impact of marine debris on wildlife and habitat;
  • To assist in the enforcement of regulations against illegal dumping;
  • To influence industries that manufacture products that cause harm to the marine environment.

Palm Beach County participates in the ICC due to the efforts of Keep Palm Beach County Beautiful, Inc. (KPBCB), a non-profit that coordinates the local event.

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